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Pediatric Chiropractic at
Gulotta Chiropractic and Wellness Center

smiling kids looking down at cameraJust like adults, children benefit greatly from chiropractic’s ability to restore proper balance and movement in the vertebrae of the spine, in turn reducing nerve impingement and increasing nerve flow to areas related to the spine.

With proper flow throughout the body, kids can have the best possible start to their lives, balanced and in optimal health, with immune systems functioning at their highest level.

What Conditions Does Chiropractic Help?

We often have babies visit who suffer from conditions like torticollis and constipation. Following chiropractic adjustments, those babies and younger children with torticollis can move their necks more freely, and those suffering from constipation can have normal bowel function.

Chiropractic adjustments have also helped our youngest patients decrease the frequency of ear infections, improve their sleeping habits, improve their nursing and feeding abilities, and reduce the symptoms of various allergies.

Re-establishing proper nerve flow through safe and gentle chiropractic care will reduce subluxations in their bodies and set them up for better health in the future.

When you arrive for your first appointment with your child at Gulotta Chiropractic and Wellness Center, Dr. Joe will ensure they feel comfortable. He’ll talk with them, play with them, and make it a fun experience to put them at ease.

He’ll ask for the child’s health history, taking an in-depth look at how their birthing process went and what their general health symptoms may be currently and in the past.

From there, he can zero in and focus on conditions like torticollis, constipation, ear infections, misaligned vertebrae, and ear canals that cannot drain efficiently.

Children younger than toddler-aged receive an adjustment that involves light, sustained contact. This technique does not look like the same adjustment as an adult, and there is no significant popping, clicking, or cracking. It’s very safe, and very gentle.

When kids can walk, talk, and become weight-bearing, pediatric techniques involve more light force but are still gentle and safe.

Build a Great Foundation for Your Child

Chiropractic can help your child build the best foundation for a lifetime of optimal health and wellness. Contact us to schedule an appointment to get started.


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